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Are Magnets Used in Traditional Medicine?

When you ask your doctor about magnetic therapy he might tell you that it is not within his area of expertise and that he can’t really advice you for or against. However, he will most likely be able to prescribe methods for rehabilitation and pain relief that use magnets. In fact, modern medicine would not function the way it does today if there weren’t magnets in important apparatus like MRI imaging machines. For sure, in these machines the magnets have a supportive role but that doesn’t make them less integral to modern medicine.

Treating Pain the Western Way

In Western medicine, that we might refer to as modern medicine, it is very common to treat pain by blocking it rather than getting to the cause of the hurt. There is the classic parable of a stream of dead fish. People work as fast and hard as they can to remove all of the dead fish instead of walking up streams to see what is causing the fish to die to begin with. Modern medicine is definitely starting to walk up streams but it is still primarily focused on how to cut the pain and not how to deal with what is causing it.

Massage Machines

Massage has been accepted in modern medicine as a good way to strengthen the body and treat various kinds of stress related ailments. Western doctors know that an injury can heal better by stimulating the blood flow with massage. Many of the massage machines available for home care also have a magnetic part which is meant to increase the healing of the patient. This is an example of where magnets are used in modern medicine not only as support but as a vital part of the healing process.

Magnetic Therapy

It might take some time before modern medicine gets used to magnets for healing. Today doctors can recommend acupuncture and shiatsu for treatment of pain, stress related issues and allergies and that was unthinkable only a few decades ago. Alternative medicine is definitely gaining ground also within modern medicine and healing with magnets is certainly a part of the alternative healing practices.

If you are interested in magnetic therapy as a treatment for your health problems you might not get the best guidance by your regular doctor. It is always worth it to check it out with your doctor first to get the best advice of where to go for a serious treatment. It is also helpful to ask friends for advice and hear from people who had success with magnetic therapy. The good thing is that magnetic therapy is a very mild form of treatment so most people can get it safely to improve their health and well being.

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