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Can Children Wear Magnetic Jewelry?

Magnetic jewelry is seen by many as an alternative method for healing and well being and many parents look into the alternative disciplines for their children. But can children wear magnetic jewelry? Children can wear magnetic jewelry safely but not all types. Parents must be very careful to choose the right kind of magnetic products when they want to let their kids benefit from them. Before you get magnetic jewelry for your child you should read this article and consider if your child is old enough and if you are getting the right type of jewelry.

Young Children

Young children can definitely wear magnetic jewelry. Bracelets and anklets are popular choices for smaller kids. A necklace is not a good idea since it can be dangerous when the child is out playing. If the necklace gets stuck the child might get into a serious situation but this is the same no matter what type of necklace you get. It is always advisable to wait with necklaces and chains till the child is old enough to wear it safely. Around 6 is a good age to start but even at this age a parent should keep an eye on the child while wearing it!

Rings are also not the best choice of magnetic jewelry for younger children since kids can easily loose smaller items like rings. If you donít want to go looking for it on the playground you should probably stick to bracelets and anklets as magnetic jewelry for young children!


Just like grown-ups, children can experience health benefits by wearing magnetic jewelry. Different health issues could be completely resolved by the help of the magnets. Teenage girls can suffer a lot from period cramps and except for medication there isnít much to do about that. Telling them that it gets better after the first child birth isnít exactly going to make things easier but a magnetic bracelet could very well do the trick. Teenage boys that sport a lot will also enjoy a magnetic bracelet with a sporty look. Active teenagers can strain muscles or experience headaches from long hours of studies. Magnetic jewelry is a safe option for a natural remedy and it is one that most teenagers will find cool and appealing.

Dangers with Magnetic Jewelry

There are some dangers with magnetic jewelry that are crucial to consider when you want to give magnetic jewelry to a child. Magnetic jewelry can be composed of smaller parts and this presents a choking hazard to smaller babies. Your child might be old enough to handle the jewelry but if there are other smaller kids in your house you are taking a big risk!

It is a lot to ask from a child or even a teenager to always remember not to leave the magnetic jewelry in proximity to the younger members of your household. If there are younger kids in your house you should make sure that the magnetic jewelry you get for your children is made up of a single link which wonít present any dangers to curious little mouths.

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