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Can Magnetic Jewelry Be Dangerous?

Magnetic jewelry is gaining popularity all over the world for its unique abilities to make people feel both pretty and healthy. People who suffer from pain have tried to treat it by wearing magnetic jewelry and many see such a difference in their general well being that they continue to wear magnetic bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings daily. Before you get your magnetic bracelet you must check if magnetic jewelry can be dangerous to you. Not everyone can wear magnetic jewelry safely and it is very important to remember this even if you can.

Strong Magnets can be Dangerous

Regular fridge magnets won’t be able to do much of an impact and that’s why you won’t hear warnings about their use. However, magnetic jewelry includes magnets that can be very powerful. They can be so strong that they can ruin credit cards. If you wear a magnetic bracelet and a watch on the same arm it might mess up the watch completely. This is just some of the material damage that very strong magnets can cause. More serious is the use of magnetic jewelry together with a pacemaker. People with a pacemaker are advised to refrain from use of any magnetic jewelry since it could interfere with the device that keeps their heart going.

Magnetic Jewelry and Children

Something that many forget about is the danger of letting children play with magnetic jewelry. Just like you love to snap the magnets together, a little child finds them amazingly interesting. If you leave a magnetic bracelet or necklace, which comes apart into smaller pieces, where a child can get a hold of it you are playing with life! If a child swallows one piece of the bracelet it is a very dangerous situation which must be handled by doctors immediately and if he swallows two it could lead to a situation where his intestines could get severely damaged. It is not pleasant reading but it is important to understand that only certain types of magnetic jewelry are safe for children. Keep yours locked up or in a place where you know a child will not find it.

Quality of Magnets and Jewelry

High quality magnetic jewelry can last and keep its vitality for decades but only if you care for it right. Magnets can break and be chipped if you bang them against hard surfaces. If the magnet gets chipped you need to replace it and not risk getting scratched by it. Regular wear and tear should not affect the magnets of a magnetic bracelet or ring since they are set on the inside. Even so, it is always good to take precaution and check the magnets every now and then. Loose magnets can be a danger if they end up in your pocket close to a credit card or in the hands or paws of someone who doesn’t understand that they are not food!

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