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Can Magnets Cure Disease?

One magnet a day keeps the doctor away!
If you ask people who cured their chronic pain, arthritis, allergies and more with magnet therapy they will most likely agree. The way magnets can heal is an area full of questions and discoveries. There are some well accepted theories for how the magnets do the job but we are still waiting to get the full picture from the scientist. Meanwhile, people all over the World are getting cured by magnets and it is a perfectly safe method for healing that demands no medication or other intrusion.

Magnets and Magnetic Fields
It is not the actual magnet that cures disease but rather the magnetic field that comes from it. Magnetic fields are not visible to the eye unless you make a test where you place a paper on a magnet and place iron dust on it. The dust will quickly align according to the magnetic fields and make them visible. Magnetic fields can move through our bodies and even the Earth has a magnetic field which protects us from solar storms and other dangerous influences from space. Magnetism and magnetic fields are there naturally for our benefit and by learning more about how they work we are also able to use them actively to cure disease.

How can Magnets Cure Disease?
The most common theory for how magnets cure disease is that the magnetic fields stimulate the iron of our blood to increase the blood flow and circulation. This brings more oxygen to all parts of our body and helps us reach recovery faster and naturally. Studies that have been made have also shown that magnets have a certain placebo effect on people. The power of the mind is very important and the positive effects of magnets have been quite evident in many different studies. Since the flow of our blood is crucial for our natural ability to heal and defend ourselves against viruses and bacteria, magnets not only cure but also prevent illness from ever occurring to begin with.

Is it Really True?
While science is still trying to figure out how magnets can heal and if they do indeed cure disease, people from all walks of life are healing while getting magnetic therapy or wearing magnetic jewelry. It is one of these areas where common sense must win over the scientific proof. Since people see that their friends and neighbors heal and feel good by the help of magnets they try it out to find the same effect on whatever is bothering them. In the end of the day it doesn’t matter much if it is placebo, iron in the blood or something else that cause the cure. What matters is your health and magnets might very well be what will solve and cure disease which no conventional method has been able to heal.

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