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Characteristics of Magnets

The basic characteristics of magnets
are known by any child who has come across a fridge magnet. Magnets snap to objects made out of iron and they either snap to each other or repel. The feeling of the attraction or repel is easy to describe and detect but what is it that creates this behavior? Read on and learn more about the characteristics of magnets and how they manifest themselves in our daily lives.

Two Magnets Interact
If you take two magnets and try to push them together they will either attract or repel. There is a magnetic force between the magnets that can even be felt by your hand. The reason for this behavior is that each magnet has a north and a south pole. When a north pole of one magnet is subjected to a north pole of another magnet the two magnets will naturally repel each other. We learn from this that magnets have the characteristic of opposites that attract and likes that repel. These forces that we see in magnets actually govern most of our reality and this is why we canít just put a hand through a chair or other material. The repulsive forces that we can see in magnets are there in miniature to keep matters together and solid.

Magnets Have Memory
You can make a simple test with an LCD calculator to see how magnets have memory. Take a permanent neodymium magnet and place it next to the screen of your calculator. You should first have printed a number there. Now, remove the magnet and return the calculator to zero. When you bring the magnet back the same numbers as before will appear again because it was memorized by the magnet. This characteristic of magnets is used in credit cards where the magnetic stripe of the card holds the sensitive information of our bank details.

Magnetic Fields
Magnets create magnetic fields that are both protective and stimulating. These magnetic fields can be used for many things and one very popular area of use is magnetic therapy. Magnetic therapy lets the magnetic fields of magnets interact with the blood of the human body. By stimulating the blood circulation the person being treated experiences pain relief and cure of many different ailments. This is also what makes magnetic jewelry an option for better health and well being.

Split a Magnet in Two
Magnets will always have two poles and even if you split a magnet in two you canít get rid of this characteristic. The smaller piece will have two poles and this will continue no matter how many splits you make. There are magnets where the poles are set to the same side but these still include two poles. For magnetic therapy and healing purposes the permanent magnets with two opposite poles are to recommend since they are the most effective.

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