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Do Magnetic Bracelets Work?

Do magnetic bracelets work or are they just a cool trend for people who like to be different? To answer the question we will have to look both at research and at those who actually wear the bracelets and talk about them. There are too many happy customers for the effects of magnetic bracelet to be a story but it is still hard to put a finger on exactly what it is that makes them work. That magnetic bracelets are a cool trend is obvious and this is a trend that has been going strong for many centuries all over the world!

Reducing Pain

An area that interests many is how magnetic bracelets reduce pain in different parts of the body. By wearing a magnetic bracelet on your wrist you can treat pain in all parts of the body. This has to do with the energy fields and blood circulation of your body which can be affected by the magnetic fields that come from the bracelet. Many compare this to other alternative healing methods like shiatsu and acupuncture where health is restored by working with pressure points to make the energy flows of the body become balanced and healthy again.

People who wear magnetic bracelets have found that they do reduce pain and not only the type of pain that comes from chronic illness. Women with problematic period cramps have also found that magnets can help to soothe the ache and make the pain easier to handle. We see from this that magnetic bracelets do work all over the body and not only in the immediate area around the wrist.

Energy and Balance

Another wonderful benefit of magnetic bracelets is increased energy and balance. There are some remarkable videos available online where you can see how a person who wears a magnetic bracelet immediately increases his balance and strength. This is also something which has to do with the energy fields of the body and the ability of the magnets to align them to function as they should. Now, not every video presentation of magnetic bracelets online is true. There are certainly people out there who would like to exaggerate the powers of magnetic bracelets. At the same time there are people who like to completely deny the benefits of magnetic therapy. The truth of the power of magnetic bracelets is somewhere in the middle of the extremes. So you can certainly count on them to influence your general well being and stamina.

Magnetic Bracelets DO Work!

So do magnetic bracelets work? The answer to this question is yes. Magnetic bracelets do work but till today no one has been able to pin point just how. There have been plenty of positive studies with test groups that suffered from various illnesses. It has been shown that even rather weak magnetic bracelets reduce pain and increase the well being of the wearer. What has been harder to establish is if this was really due to the magnets or because of the placebo effect. Some studies had test persons wearing bracelets without any magnets and they did not experience pain relief but more tests need to be done before any definite conclusions can be drawn. However, according to most studies you can expect your magnetic bracelet to make a positive difference in your life!

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