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Good Things About Magnets, Fun Magnet Facts.

Magnets are fascinating
and they present us with questions about how things work in our World. Little kids and adults alike love the features of magnets and scientists are still discovering new benefits of magnetism. There is so much to know about magnets and what can be said in a short article will be like a drop in an ocean. Here are some fun magnet facts to think about. Let them inspire you to learn more about magnetism and magnets!

Lifespan of Magnets
A magnet is an object that produces a magnetic field. Some materials can do this by themselves while others need to be stimulated or charged to start acting like magnets. In nature we find the rock lodestone which has magnetic features. When it was discovered the World began to benefit from the unique properties of magnets such as their alignment to the poles of our Earth.

A high quality magnet
like the neodymium permanent magnet can keep its power for centuries and more. Depending on how you treat your magnet it can live on forever and continue to attract and repel and influence with its magnetic field.

Magnets and Health
An area which has perplexed a great many and still stimulates a lot of research is magnets and health. It is not news that magnetic fields can influence the health of a person and people all over the world have long used magnetic therapy for treatment of pain and other ailments. Western science is trying to figure out just how this works. There are theories that the magnetic fields can influence the iron in the blood and therefore stimulate recovery. So far it has only been confirmed that magnets can help and heal a person. Exactly how that is, is still an ongoing debate and study. The best thing about magnets and health is that magnetism is a safe form of treatment. Most people can wear magnetic jewelry safely with good results of health and well being.

The Poles of a Magnet
If you take a regular bar magnet you will see that it has two poles. One is referred to as the north and the other south. The funny thing is that the north pole of a magnet will point towards the South pole of our Earth. It is really a quite natural phenomena since in magnetism opposites attract but it is funny that the name of the pole refers to its opposite and not to its like which can get a bit confusing.

If you take a bar magnet
and start chopping it into pieces you will see that every piece continues to have two opposite poles, one north and one south. It doesn’t matter how small the pieces are, this is the setup of a magnet which will never change regardless of how many times you cut it in half.

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