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Health Benefits of Copper

If you thought that copper is a material only found on roofs and in jewelry, you are in for a surprise! Copper is actually a mineral that your body needs to thrive and stay healthy. The health benefits of copper are various and sometimes it is the very lack of copper in the body that creates the problems. Luckily there are many ways to improve the copper levels in your body and most people get the copper they need by just eating and drinking healthily.

Copper in the Body

The body cannot produce copper by itself and therefore it needs this mineral from external sources. This mineral is the third most prevalent in our bodies so a lack of it will certainly have an impact on how we feel. We must have copper in our body to enjoy normal metabolic processes. The Romans realized the benefits of copper when they started to use it for plumbing and till today copper in plumbing and cooking utensils are seen as beneficial to our health. Although there are so many sources of copper in different foods a lack of it is quite common.

Foods with Copper

If you think that you suffer from copper deficiency you can eat more of the foods that are rich in this important mineral. Liver and meat have copper as well as seafood. Vegetarians can get their supply from foods like avocado, soy flour, whole grains, almonds, beats and lentils. You can also cook your food in copper utensils to increase the amount your body will receive. In rare cases, medication might be needed to treat copper deficiency. Check with your MD and get proper advice for how to deal with a possible lack of copper.

Health Benefits of Copper

Copper has anti-inflammatory features and can be used to treat the symptoms of arthritis. This is why copper bracelets are worn to deal with pain that is caused by inflammation of joints and muscles. It is also known that copper can stimulate growth by protecting the skeleton and nervous system. If you want to be smart you can also use copper as a brain stimulant but it is important not to overdo it as too much copper can have the very opposite effect on the brain! Apart from staying smart you can also affect the aging of your body by consuming copper. Copper is an antioxidant that can protect the cell membranes from free radicals. Proper copper intake can have a greater effect on your skin than any anti-ageing lotion or cream!

The health benefits of copper are seemingly endless. By keeping an adequate copper level in your body you can reduce levels of bad cholesterol and increase the levels of the good kind. We simply cannot live without copper so make sure that you are getting a healthy daily dose to be all that you can be!

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