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How Permanent is the Strength of the Magnet?

A permanent magnet does not
have to be charged by another magnet to continue working as a magnet. To put it simple, every fridge magnet is a permanent magnet since it continues to do its job, day after day, without falling off that fridge, but how permanent is the strength of this magnet? Will a permanent magnet stay the same for eternity or does it lose some power gradually? It all depends on which magnet you get and it is important to think about this when you are getting magnetic jewelry for health purposes.

The Types of Permanent Magnets
There are four classes of permanent magnet materials and these are: Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB or NIB), Samarium Cobalt (SmCo), Alnico, Ceramic or Ferrite. Depending on the use of the magnet you will see these different types but if you are looking at magnetic jewelry you can expect Neodymium magnets in the high quality designs.

Will the Magnet Lose its Strength?
With magnetic jewelry it is a must to ask this question. It is not so much about the money you pay for the jewelry as much as the need for it to keep on influencing your health. The magnetic fields must continue to be strong and affect your blood stream. If you get a regular magnet it will indeed lose its strength over time. Just how much depends on how you store it and treat it.

Things like heat and other magnets
can influence how strong it will be. This is why it is recommended to get magnetic jewelry with neodymium magnets. These are permanent magnets that wonít lose more than a 1% or so over a decade. This little loss is not enough to change the power of your magnetic bracelet!

No Such Thing as Permanent!
Not even diamonds are forever unless you put them in a box and never let them sparkle in the light again. Wear and tear does affect magnets and also permanent magnets like the neodymium type. To deal with this magnetic jewelry comes with a coat over the magnets. This coat will protect the magnet from corroding in humid environments. If this coat will never wear off the permanent magnet stays permanent but if you are good at wearing the protective layer off, the situation looks different.

You will not know if your magnetís strength is changing unless you test it. For fun you can see from how far away a paper clip will be attracted to the magnet. Make the same test again in another year and see if the distance is the same. If you get a permanent neodymium magnet it should look the same year after year as long as you donít subject the magnet to tests of heat and other stronger magnets.

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