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How Should I Wear My Magnetic Jewelry For The Best Results?

Apart from a cool look you want your magnetic jewelry to give you all the benefits of health and well being. To reach the best results you need to know how you should wear the magnetic jewelry correctly. Each design is unique but there are general rules to what should be done for maximum effect with magnetic jewelry. You can also gain a lot of insight from people who have been using magnetic jewelry for a long time and have tried different variations and patterns for how to wear magnetic jewelry.

A Snug fit

The first thing to consider is that the power of the magnet will get weaker as you move away from its core and surface. This means that you will want to put the magnets in a snug fit against your skin. You donít have to overdo it! Magnetic therapy is not acupuncture and you are not supposed to pierce your body with the magnets. Neither is it recommended to wear a magnetic bracelet or ring so tight that it leaves red marks. If the fit of your magnetic jewelry isnít comfortable you will end up removing it and the effect of healing is lost all together. With this in mind it is better to wear a loser fitting magnetic bracelet if it means that you will keep it on than to suffer from a fit which is too tight for your comfort levels.

Day and Night

How much you wear your magnetic jewelry will definitely influence how effective it is but this doesnít mean that you wonít benefit from it by taking it off at night. Many magnetic jewelry wearers choose a design that is comfortable to sleep in. This is not because a break in the night will stop any healing or well being but rather not to forget putting it on again in the morning.

In and Out of the Pool

It is also smart to wear magnetic jewelry that can be worn during sports. If you go swimming a lot you will have to remove jewelry made out of metals that are easy to tarnish. To make things easier you can choose magnetic jewelry made out of metals like titanium or stainless steel. This way the jewelry can stay where it is, in and out of the pool!

Necklace, Bracelet and Ring

Finally, you should consider how wearing several pieces of magnetic jewelry at the same time can give you additional health benefits. Many choose to wear a magnetic bracelet on each wrist and also on their ankles. This could be a good practice during specific times like when you are suffering from muscle pains or period cramps. If you think it looks weird you can stick to just a bracelet with a matching ring and necklace. The most important is that you feel good with your jewelry so that you will enjoy wearing it as much as possible.

That is how you should wear your magnetic jewelry for the best results!

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