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How Strong are Magnets in a Magnetic Bracelet?

The magnets in a magnetic bracelet look so small and gentle and it is hard to imagine just what kind of powers they can hold. Not all magnets are strong and some types must be big to be strong. To understand the answer to your question of how strong the magnets in a magnetic bracelet are, you need to learn a little bit about Gauss and depth of penetration. Once you get a grip of these issues you will be able to pick the perfect magnetic jewelry for you and avoid scams and fakes.

Effective Strength

There is an ongoing argument about how strong a magnet needs to be to be effective in magnetic jewelry. Typically you will find that it is recommended to use magnets that measure from 200 Gauss and up. Gauss is the measure used for magnets and to give you the proportions you can expect a regular fridge magnet to be of 50 Gauss. If you want to make your own magnetic bracelet you shouldn’t sacrifice the décor on your fridge! There are plenty of magnetic bracelets with magnets of 2,000-3,000 Gauss each and this is the scale where you will be able to feel a real impact of the bracelet. Add into the calculation how many magnets are in the bracelet and you get a pretty powerful product. Still, the strength of a magnetic bracelet does not only depend on the strength of the individual magnets.

Depth of Penetration

If you get a magnetic bracelet of high quality you can have a really strong magnetic jewelry in your hands but just how effective this will be for your health and well-being depends a lot on how you wear it. The Gauss value only describes the strength of the magnet from the core to its surface. When you move away from the surface of the magnet this value will decrease. From this we can understand that you will need the magnets to sit snug to your skin for maximum effect. It is also known that neodymium magnets have deep penetrating fields and they are also very strong in small sizes, which is why the best magnetic jewelry uses neodymium magnets.

Some people are sensitive to direct contact with magnets and therefore there is often a coat of hypoallergenic metal over the magnet. This is not something that reduces the strength of the magnet notably and it certainly does not diminish the effect of a magnetic bracelet when it is worn the way it should be.

North Facing or Bipolar?

Magnets have a north facing pole and a south and these two are attracted to each other. This can be used in bracelets and necklaces where the snap is simply two magnets connecting. For therapy purpose a magnet with north facing pole is believed to be the best but there are also magnets with two poles on the same surface. When the north and south facing poles are on the same surface it is called bipolar or alternating. For the best results you should use magnetic jewelry with north facing pole magnets.

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