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How to Clean Tungsten Carbide Jewelry

Tungsten carbide jewelry is popular for its incredible durability. Mohs scale ranks diamonds as a 10 and tungsten carbide as a 9. This means that it is very hard to do any damage to carbide tungsten jewelry. For sure, even diamonds can break but when you get a ring or bracelet made out of tungsten carbide you have a product which by normal wear wonít risk much tear. To keep it shining like when you first got it you can easily clean it at home. This is how to clean tungsten carbide jewelry:

Be Wary of Chemicals

It is true that it is very hard to break or harm tungsten carbide jewelry but if you expose it to certain chemicals it can actually be affected and become weak. Some chemicals have the power to make the tungsten carbide so soft that it can be bent just like any other regular metal. With this in mind, you should not think that you need strong detergents and chemicals to clean the strong jewelry!

Use mild hand soap or dish soap and mix it into a bowl of water. Put your tungsten carbide jewelry in this solution and let it soak. If your jewelry is full of dirt and grime you want to leave it in this solution for longer so that the soap can dissolve the fat. You can rub the jewelry with a cloth in the water or pick it out to brush off the dirt and grime. When you are done with the ďbathĒ you simply pat the jewelry dry with a soft cloth and it should look as good as new again.

Tungsten Carbide Jewelry with Settings

For a plain piece of tungsten carbide jewelry you donít have to do much more than what has been described above but when there are links, settings that create crevices you need to be a bit creative. Gems and diamonds wonít get hurt by regular hand or dish soap but make sure not to harm their coatings by using a rough toothbrush. It is always a good idea to clean your jewelry with toothbrushes with soft bristles like the ones used for babies.

Donít let the Dirt Build up!

To keep the clean and shiny look of your tungsten carbide jewelry you need to clean it before the dirt and grime gets a real chance to build up. Donít wait till the film of grime is so thick that your jewelry is taking on a new color. Make a habit of giving your tungsten carbide jewelry soapy baths every now and then. You can easily pop it into a cup of soapy water while you shower. Itís a small effort which makes sure that your jewelry keeps that new and attractive look like it should.

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