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How To Store Magnets.

Many magnets can lose their power by being stored incorrectly
so it is important to understand how to store magnets if you want to keep them in maximum shape for as long as possible. If you get permanent neodymium magnets they will keep their strength on their own even if you store them less appropriate. Still, the tips on how to store magnets in this article are good to follow even when you get the highest quality of magnets and magnetic products.

Heat and Metal Objects
Heat can cause the poles of the atoms in a magnet to randomize and this will eventually destroy the magnet. Therefore it is not recommended to put a magnet in a boiling pot of water or hang it on a radiator for storage. Try keeping your magnets in a cool place, around room temperature, and out of the sun! If you can arrange a wooden box it is superb. Weak magnets will easy be ruined by stronger magnets and electromagnetic fields so you must make sure to keep them out of touch with other stronger magnets.

Making Magnets Keep Their Strength
To make sure that your magnets keep their strength you should look at what you put them with and how you align them to each other. The best way is to make sure that north pole meets south pole in each magnet so that they are not trying to push each other away but stay naturally together. You also want to make sure that no electromagnets and strong magnets are there to take their strength. The exception is when you have magnets or magnetic jewelry with neodymium permanent magnets. These are the strong magnets and they wonít lose their strength by being together. Quality magnetic jewelry is also by design correctly aligned for the best performance.

Donít Apply Force to Your Magnets
Magnets are not diamonds even if they have an impression which is equally powerful. If you give a magnet a blow with a hammer it will break and therefore it is also important to store your magnets away from any hard things that could chip away at them. Donít place loose magnets in a box with hard items but dedicate a special box only for your magnets where they will be safe. With magnetic jewelry this is even more crucial as you want to preserve the precious metal that holds the magnets to keep the shiny and clean look.

Magnets and Kids
Magnets are extremely dangerous to swallow and that is why an article about how to store magnets must mention that they should be put away from kids and pets. Just like you store your medicines high up or behind locks, you need to do the same thing with your magnets. This is especially true for magnetic jewelry that looks attractive and fun to play with. Younger children might also have magnets as toys and it is crucial that parents teach them how to store the magnets properly to keep them away from small mouths.

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