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Interesting Facts About Magnets

There are plenty of interesting facts about magnets
since they continue to fascinate us with their abilities and properties. With a regular fridge magnet you can perform simple tricks and with permanent high quality magnets people enjoy health benefits through magnetic jewelry or magnetic therapy. Magnets are also what makes a compass work and show us the way without any need for daylight or visibility.

The best magnets are the permanent neodymium type. These magnets have a south and a north pole and they can last a life time and more. It is possible to ruin magnets by breaking them. The power of magnets does not lie in their composition but rather in the permanency of the magnetic fields that they emit. If you get a high quality neodymium magnet and care for it, it will not lose strength notably for as long as you can use it!

Magnets for Healing
Did you know that magnets can heal? This is probably one of the most interesting facts about magnets. In Chinese and other practices of Eastern medicine, magnets are an integral part of the healing practice. Since we have iron in our blood the magnetic fields can affect the way the blood streams and this is a major factor for the healing of many health issues. People suffering from chronic pain have become pain free without any medicine thanks to magnetic therapy and jewelry.

Magnets have also been found to treat
emotional issues like depression and mood swings. For healing purposes magnets can be used in magnet therapy session where they are placed on the body. They can also be worn in rings, bracelets, anklets, earrings and necklaces to affect the general well being of the wearer.

The Earth is a Giant Magnet
Another interesting fact about magnets is that our Earth is a giant magnet. The South and North pole of our globe behaves much like the poles of a regular magnet. Just how this can be is still under debate and scientists have theories that are yet to be confirmed. The magnetic field that surrounds our Earth has also been discovered to change directions which deepen the mystery of its true properties and causes.

If you want to make a magnet you can simply touch
the north pole of another magnet with a metal object. This will charge the metal object and turn it into a magnet that will attract other metal objects! Both adults and kids find magnets a source of fascination and inspiration. By using a regular kitchen magnet you can perform cool tricks like making it look as if a string is floating in the air by letting a metallic paper clip stretch for a magnet. Magnets are a lot of fun and a blessing for our modern technologies as well as our health and enjoyment!

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