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Is There Scientific Evidence of Magnets Having Healing Powers?

Ever since rocks with magnetic properties were discovered people have used magnets for healing. There is still a debate about exactly how magnets can heal a person but there is no doubt about the fact that people from all over the world see a difference in their life and health by using magnets. This is a crucial point to understand when we ask the question “is there scientific evidence of magnets having healing powers?” The very fact that science is still trying to figure out how magnets heal is a proof of their importance and influence.

Magnetic Waves

There is scientific evidence of the existence of magnetic waves and their ability to penetrate a human body so we know that a magnet can affect more than just the area on the body where it is placed. This is a very important part of magnetic therapy since the fundamental principle of the healing has to do with the blood flow and how it can be positively influenced by the magnetic fields. When the blood circulation is stimulated problematic areas can heal by a healthy flow of oxygen.

Magnets and Pressure Points

Magnetic therapists will typically place magnets on pressure points much like acupuncture or shiatsu. You will certainly find scientists that say that these types of therapies are useless and that it is impossible to prove that magnets have healing powers. They have not been able to come to any conclusions regarding the powers of magnets so they gather that it doesn’t work. If you would ask the clients of magnetic therapy and their therapists who stay in business, year after year, the conclusion is obviously different!

Who is Right?

If you have problems with pain or suffer from an ailment that magnetic therapy could heal you want to know if there is any scientific evidence of magnets having healing powers. This is a healthy attitude and a position that will ensure that you will only deal with serious products and therapists. Don’t forget that your regular MD will also prescribe treatments that include magnets such as massage tools with magnetic components. Science is looking for the cause and effect of things and if there is clarity on the effect, meaning health, but not on the cause, science is in trouble.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to reap the benefits of magnetic therapy without knowing the exact cause of it or if you prefer to wait till science can confirm just what it is that creates the well being from magnetic therapy and jewelry. After all, it isn’t all that long ago since people took the same stance towards acupuncture which is an accepted alternative method for healing today and prescribed by doctors all over the world.

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