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Magnetism And Kids

Magnets and magnetism are an integral
part of our World and lives. A home without magnets is hard to come by since we rely on this material for our electrical appliances, credit cards and simple notes on the fridge. Magnets are amazing and wonderful in so many ways and they can stimulate children to learn more about science. By using magnets for kids in a proper way you can show them the wonders of our World hands-on and tease them to want to learn more. Every parent wants to see their kids thrive in school and by teaching magnetism in a fun and practical way from an early age; science will be more likely to become a favored subject.

Getting Kids Interested in Science
How can we get kids interested in science? This is a question many parents and teachers ask themselves. While we rely on high tech that is becoming more and more advanced the kids seem less interested in all that lies behind the applications. Magnets are so simple and yet they represent one of the most fascinating areas in science where there is still a lot of research going on. By introducing your children to magnetism at an early age you will show them that science can be fun and not just numbers and charts to memorize.

Educational Tools
Even very young children enjoy the wonders of magnets. It usually starts by the fridge. Some parents take advantage of this and get the alphabet for the young child to absorb while sticking magnets on and off the fridge door. There are also books that teach the kids things like shape and matter by using magnets. While fridge magnets and magnetic books aren’t science per se, they are an introduction to how magnets work. It is pretty simple to demonstrate the properties of a magnet even for a very young child. Take this opportunity for getting your children interested in science! Even a young child can learn that magnets have two poles and that they can magnetize other items made of iron and steel. It is a small effort that pays off for everyone!

Magnets and Safety
Unfortunately there are several toy manufacturers that take advantage of our natural fascination for magnets. When kids ages 7-11 have access to powerful magnets as toys things can become dangerous. Sets of powerful magnets are sold to kids and these magnets can easily be left around for those who really shouldn’t touch them. A swallowed magnet is a danger of life and therefore it is most crucial to teach kids to store them properly and use them wisely. There are even magnet toys that are so powerful that fingers can get hurt as they snap together from a distance. The best way to deal with this is to continue the supervision and education of the fridge magnets and make sure that your children handle magnets with care and understanding.

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