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Stainless Steel vs. Titanium

You probably know that stainless steel and titanium are similar in looks but that titanium is more expensive. Titanium can be used for fine jewelry like wedding rings while stainless steel is used mainly for menís bracelets and necklaces, rings and magnetic jewelry. Titanium and stainless steel are both ideal materials for people that are sensitive to metals and suffer from allergies. This makes them both a great choice of material for jewelry that you want to wear a lot. Another common feature is that they both withstand corrosion and decay exceptionally well.

Fine Jewelry

For fine jewelry like engagement and wedding rings you will see that titanium is preferred over stainless steel. Since people are used to viewing stainless steel as a metal used in more common objects the feeling associated to it is less ďclassy.Ē Titanium on the other hand is known to be amazingly hard and durable which is why many choose it as their preference for fine jewelry. For a necklace or bracelet you just canít go wrong with titanium but be aware of the issues with titanium rings. If a man outgrows his titanium ring and it gets stuck to his finger he is in a sticky situation since this metal cannot be enlarged or cut easily like other metals.

Cool Design for a Smart Budget

While you might feel that you want the titanium for your fine jewelry, stainless steel gives you the option of getting interesting design to a low price. Stainless steel is also hard but not like titanium and therefore it can be modeled and shaped differently. With stainless steel jewelry you donít have to limit your jewelry collection to a few pieces but match and alter as you feel like.

Safety and Care

Stainless steel and titanium can both be cleaned at home by using mild soap and water. There are other easy methods for each metal to keep a clean and shiny look. Titanium is without nickel so this is a safe metal to wear for sensitive people. Stainless steel usually has a very low level of nickel which also makes it a good choice for sensitive skin. Titanium can be seen as the safest option but proper stainless steel should not cause any problems.

If you want to change the size or somewhat remodel your stainless steel jewelry this can be easily done while the titanium is known to be too hard to weld and change once it comes out of the mold. You can still make changes to titanium jewelry and jewelers come up with designs that make this possible as well.

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