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What Can Affect A Magnets Strength?

There are several things that can affect the strength of a magnet
and depending on what you do with your magnets they will either be in tip top shape or start to lose their powers. If you want the best type of magnets for durability you need to get permanent neodymium magnets. These are hard to affect even by the methods mentioned in this article. Even so, it is always advisable to learn more about what can affect a magnet’s strength so that you know that you store them right for maximum effect.

How Strong is Your Magnet
Now, unless you love science and keep your own little private lab in the den or under your bed, it can be hard to measure the exact strength of your magnet. When you buy magnetic jewelry it will be stated just how many gauss each magnet includes. If you are just curious to see how strong your magnet is, you can make comparative tests every now and then with paper clips. Check from how far the paper clip will move and stick to the magnet. You can also see how many paperclips the magnet can carry. This might be a bit tricky though if you get high quality neodymium magnets. You’ll have to buy many boxes of paper clips!

When you want to check at a later point
if your magnet has kept its strength, you can see if the distance for attracting the paper clip is the same or see if the same amount of paper clips will stick to the magnet.

Something that can reduce strength in a magnet is heat. If the magnet is exposed to extreme heath it can lose its powers but for a high quality magnet you will need a lot of heat to accomplish this. In contrast to this it will otherwise aid the magnet with warmer temperatures since heat will represent greater energy which can speed the magnet up. This is not something a regular user needs to think about but rather the cause and effect measured in tests of magnets and magnetic fields. A cool thing about magnets is that even if it loses its strength it can be recharged again to get back to the original levels. This is a possibility as long as the magnet wasn’t completely pumped out and destroyed.

Cracks in the Magnet
Neodymium magnets belong to the group of permanent magnets and are used in high quality magnetic jewelry. If you get a magnetic bracelet with neodymium magnets you will see that the magnets have a protective coat. This might make you think that the strength of the magnets will be weaker. This is not so. If a neodymium magnet is exposed to high humidity it can corrode and this would eventually lead to the end of the magnet’s life. This is why neodymium magnets must have a protective coat to stay as strong as ever and avoid damaging cracks.

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