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What Do Magnets Do?

Magnets are a wonderful asset
for many different purposes. Ever since rocks with magnetic features were found, people have used them to influence things that include iron. To understand what magnets do we must look at magnetic fields and what they attract and repel. Magnets are useful in so many ways and thanks to the fields that can expand well beyond what we imagine, they can do amazing things.

Magnets Attract and Repel
To explain how magnets attract and repel it is good to imagine two bar magnets. Each bar magnet has a south pole and a north pole. When we place two bar magnets like these next to each other with one north pole facing another north pole they will repel. Each magnet has a magnetic field which moves from the north pole to the south. The field will always move from strong to weak which means that it gets weaker the closer it gets to the south pole. Since moving from strong to weak is the natural behavior of a magnetic field two magnets placed with the same poles facing each other will repel because this is the only way the field between them can get weaker.

When the two bar magnets in our example
are placed with south pole facing the north pole they will instead attract. This is because the field in between them is weaker and the stronger will lie on the opposite sides. So from this we see that with magnets opposites attracts. We get attraction when two different poles face each other.

The Use of Magnets
Since magnets can attract and repel they are useful in different instruments for industrial and medical purposes. Many medical scanning methods rely on the inclusion of magnets. Most electrical appliances include some form of magnet and there are also methods for healing with magnets based on the fact that there is iron in our blood. That magnets can benefit our health is not news. They’ve been used for this ever since their discovery and in Eastern medicine magnetic therapy is commonly applied for everything from muscle pains to problems with digestion.

Design and Fashion
Magnets can be very strong, even if they are small. This is why magnetic jewelry can be so effective. Magnetic jewelry includes the magnets in a fashionable way so that the wearer gets to enjoy both the benefits of magnetism and the beauty of the adornments. People all over the world find magnets fascinating whether they use them as toys for magic tricks, desk entertainment or for therapy in jewelry. Designers of kitchen interiors often include magnetic functions to store knives and other metal items in an effective and cool way. Not to mention the fridge magnet, a standard commodity in every home that includes a fridge!

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