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What Is A Magnetic Field?

What is a Magnetic Field?
A magnetic field is a force field that is created by moving charges. An example of this is a current carrying wire but magnetic fields can also come from a spin magnetic pole moment and the orbital magnetic dipole moment of an electron within an atom. If that sounded like a different language to you, there are easier ways to understand what a magnetic field is! By using a regular bar magnet it is possible to show how the field moves from the poles. The strength of the magnet field will vary depending on material and environmental factors.

A Magnetic Field
The classic example of a magnetic field is the picture of a bar magnet with the arrows running from the north pole to the south. The field looks a bit like two loops around the magnet and depending on the strength of the field it can reach far away. Tests have been made to show that magnetic fields of rather small magnets can move through objects like the human body. Consider that the Earth has a magnetic field and in fact this is something which is found in other celestial bodies as well. Magnetic fields are a natural part of our environment but also something that we can create to draw the benefits of their powers and influence.

How to Make a Magnetic Field Visual
If you are curious to see what a magnetic field looks like, except for drawn as arrows on a paper, you can ask your local high school science teacher to show you. A common school example is to place a paper over two magnets and then pour iron dust on it. The iron particles will align themselves according to the magnetic field so that it becomes visible and tangible.

Opposites Attract
The result of the structure of a magnetic field creates a natural state where two magnets placed with north pole to north pole or south pole to south pole will repel. The fields push each other away, and this is why you canít make a north pole stick to a north pole. If you instead put a north pole of a magnet opposite a south pole the magnets will snap together.

The Earthís Magnetic Field
The Earthís magnetic field works like a shield for solar storms and this is more important than what we might think. In fact, NASA scientists have discovered holes in this protective magnetic field which means that more solar winds could make it through. While understanding the magnetic fields and their benefits is important for our technical advancement here on Earth it is also something that scientists ponder upon in a much larger scale. We are far from all of the answers regarding magnetic fields which makes this area very fascinating and well worth to follow.

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