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What is Ceramic Jewelry?

Ceramic jewelry might make you think of pottery pieces arranged on a necklace but there is so much more to this area of jewelry. Many designers enjoy working with this material to create unique patterns and designs that look different. Depending on what type of ceramic jewelry you are looking at, the designs will be either artsy hip or classy and elegant. Ceramic rings are far away from your flower bed and they are an excellent choice for men looking for something durable yet fancy.

Traditional Ceramic Jewelry

Ceramic is a material which is organic and nonmetallic and it has traditionally been used for pottery and household items. People have known how to create products out of ceramic for centuries and the process of making cups, dishes and even jewelry is very popular as a hobby as well as profession. Skilled ceramic jewelers know how to create beautiful designs with ceramic. In traditional ceramic jewelry you will find beads and fantasy designs with big pieces draped as a necklace or set in earrings.

Industrial Ceramic Materials

In the industry ceramic is also being used for its hardness and special features of durability. This is hardly what you think about when you hear the word ceramics but the material can look quite different depending on how it was created. The ceramic used in pottery and traditional ceramic jewelry comes from organic material while industry ceramic is created in a laboratory. Industry ceramics are used for things like floor tiles, industrial products as well as nuclear fuel pellets.

Ceramic Carbide Jewelry

Lately a new type of ceramic jewelry has become increasingly popular and it is the type which looks metallic. Ceramic rings and bracelets can have different colors and shape but they always give off that solid metallic, shiny look. A benefit of ceramic jewelry of this kind is that it is very durable and virtually impossible to scratch. In combination with other massive materials like tungsten carbide, the ceramic jewelry becomes the perfect choice for the active person.

Men especially enjoy the look and feel of ceramic carbide jewelry. It has a certain masculine look and its strength and durability makes it suitable for people who work a lot with their hands. It is also a material that people with metal allergies and sensitive skin can enjoy since it is completely hypoallergenic. The shine of ceramic jewelry is outstanding and many women enjoy the petite styles of ceramic carbide jewelry. The ceramic jewelry withstands wear and tear exceptionally well. It will continue to look new for years to come as long as you clean it from dirt and grime with regular intervals.

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