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What is Magnetic Therapy?

Magnetic Therapy offers patients an alternative type of healing method. It works by using magnets on the painful areas of the body. Through the magnets, magneto static fields are produced and these have the effects of easing pain as well as producing other significant health benefits. To understand this method more easily, by placing the magnets on specific areas of the body, blood circulation begins to function much more smoothly and endorphins are produced to ease pain. So, for those patients who do not feel they are receiving adequate medical assistance for their health issues, they might find themselves asking, what is magnetic therapy and how can it personally help my situation?

Understanding Magnetic Therapy

Those who work in the field of magnetic therapy have seen many substantial health benefits from the use of this method. Indeed, a magnetic therapist will point out exactly how this therapy works in healing: when these areas of the body are exposed to magneto static fields, it simply feels better. How exactly though? The way it works is by the use of permanent magnets. The magnets contain electromagnetic elements which help put the body’s natural field back in its correct alignment. Magnets, as we know, automatically attract metal-based materials so the iron in the blood impacts on the “pull” of the magnet. This thereafter impacts the blood and assists in the healing process. In addition, it has been shown to be particularly effective in treating those suffering from either inflammation or chronic pain issues, especially in the instances in which more conventional forms of medicine have been unable to relieve the symptoms for them.

The Origins of Magnetic Therapy

Those who are curious as to exactly what magnetic therapy is might also want to look in to the origin of this healing method. First, magnetic therapy pre-dates to 2000BC from China. It has been used as a type of Chinese medicine ever since then and is still popular in the East. Second, healers would use magnets in combination with acupuncture and reflexology through a holistic way of treating the patient. Indeed, holistic medicine is still very popular in China and becoming more so in the western world as increasingly more individuals are turning to a more all-rounded way of treating the patient – from top to bottom, physical and mental.

In addition, other cultures have adopted the use of some kind of magnetic healing methods such as Greece which has been utilizing a magnetic mineral called Lodestone, made famous by the works of both Plato and Aristotle. But magnetic therapy really became popular through Michael Faraday in the 18th century when the man founded the field of biomagnetics. From that time on, it has been practiced as an alternative type of medicine.

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