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What is Tungsten Carbide Jewelry?

Tungsten carbide jewelry is becoming increasingly popular for its unique properties of being extremely endurable and pretty much impossible to scratch. Carbide tungsten jewelry is also very pretty. You can use a polished carbide tungsten piece as a mirror! So what is tungsten carbide jewelry and how did the designers ever think of making fine jewelry from it? Read on and learn more about this fascinating type of jewelry.

A New Material

You might have heard about tungsten carbide in connection with machinery for the industry but it was discovered much before the industrial revolution. The name tungsten is actually composed of two Swedish words that mean heavy stone and this is just what the material is. It was discovered in the 1700ís. The Spanish brothers Josz and Fausto Elhuvar are credited with being able to isolate tungsten and therefore many say that they are the ones that discovered tungsten even if it was known to exist before. Due to its hardness and ability to cut through materials like steel, tungsten was mainly used in the industry until someone thought to make jewelry of it.

Tungsten Jewelry

Today tungsten can be considered a new material for jewelry with benefits of being hypoallergenic and extremely durable. Tungsten can be used for all types of jewelry and it is especially popular among men who like the elegant look and the features of strength and endurance. It isnít easy to create tungsten jewelry and till today there are only a few companies in the world that are doing it. It takes special skills to be able to create the jewelry with the polish that lasts seemingly forever. This is also why tungsten carbide jewelry is so sought after. The fact that it is unique and hard to work with makes it exotic and that is something that counts in the world of jewelry!

No Scratches!

Jewelers love to point out how tungsten carbide jewelry is completely scratch resistant and hard like nothing else. If you wear you tungsten carbide jewelry in a normal fashion this is absolutely true. Only diamonds are harder but as you know it is possible to damage also diamonds. To scratch tungsten carbide you need to rub it against something with a composition that beats the tungsten in hardness. With the right tools you can certainly shatter a tungsten carbide ring but not by regular use. Tungsten carbide jewelry manufacturers rarely see returns of damaged goods. If they do it is usually because someone decided to try the conditions that it takes to break this material.

As for scratches and dents from wearing your tungsten carbide jewelry, you can forget about it! This is jewelry meant to stay scratch free and it does. You can enjoy it for years and by simple cleaning you will keep it as shiny as the day you bought it.

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