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What Magnets are Used in Magnetic Jewelry?

What Magnets are Used in Magnetic Jewelry?

Real magnetic jewelry includes powerful magnets in the rings, bracelets and necklaces. You might have thought that you could reassemble your fridge magnets and create an artsy looking link. Your friends and kids might enjoy the creativity but make sure never to pay for professional magnetic jewelry with fridge magnets! The magnets that are used in magnetic jewelry are of a very different kind and they are meant to make a difference without taking up too much space.

The Power of the Magnets

Take a look at some of the petite styles of women’s magnetic bracelets here on MagneticBracelets.com. Seen from the outside the bracelet looks like any regular type of jewelry and the magnets are set modestly on the inside. The magnets are obviously small but don’t let the size fool you. Magnets like these are very powerful. To measure the strength of magnets the Gauss scale is used. On the Gauss scale your typical fridge magnet will be around 50 Gauss while a magnet used for magnetic jewelry can measure thousands of gauss!

For magnetic jewelry it is common to find the neodymium magnets. This type of magnet can also be used individually on acupressure points to treat pain. Neodymium magnets can reach well above 10,000 Gauss but typically you will find that this magnet in a magnetic jewelry measures between 1,000-3,000 Gauss on the surface. That’s only for one magnet and in a necklace or bracelet you will have several of them working together.

Size and Setting

The magnets used in magnetic jewelry must be strong but they cannot be big. If their size mimicked their strength they wouldn’t be fit for jewelry. Neodymium magnets are therefore and excellent choice since their strength is concentrated to a small format perfect for settings in rings and bracelets. To get the very best type of magnets for magnetic jewelry you should look for the north facing laser point type. If the manufacturer simply states magnets and nothing else you should check this carefully.

Is it the Real Deal?

Unfortunately there is plenty of magnetic jewelry with poor magnets flooding the market. They can look really stylish but the magnets are hardly strong enough for your lunch memos. Typically these low class products will not have any reasonable information about the magnets used. Instead they push a lot for the benefits of magnetic jewelry. The good that come from magnetic jewelry should not be expected if the magnets are not of the highest quality. To create strong magnetic fields that can influence your blood stream you need strong magnets that sit correctly against your skin and acupressure points. If you see that the magnets used are neodymium north facing laser point magnets you can be sure that they are the type that can make a difference.

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