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Will Paint or a Coat Over Magnets Reduce Their Strength?

High quality permanent magnets might need
a coat to stay in good shape and many wonder if paint or a coat over magnets reduces their strength. It all depends on what the coat, or paint, is made of and also which type of magnet that it covers. Even if the strength is somewhat reduced it could be of interest to take this measure to make the magnet live a longer life. Read on and learn more about the influence of a coat on the magnet.

Magnets for Industrial Use
Magnets that are meant for industrial use, in electrical appliances and so on are more vulnerable to paint and coats. For this type of use one has to consider how the coat will resist corrosion as well as how it will reduce the strength of the magnet. Many times metallic and nickel coats are used for industrial magnets but these are not always ideal. Nickel can also corrode and then a recoat has to be made or the magnet will eventually also be destroyed by corrosion. It is especially neodymium magnets that are sensitive to corrosion so they must have some type of protective coat.

Magnetic Jewelry
Neodymium magnets are also used in high quality magnetic jewelry. In magnetic jewelry the strength of the magnet is important to stimulate a process of health for the entire body. Today you can get magnets of well over 1,000 gauss for magnetic jewelry. In this case, a coat on the magnet will not do much to reduce the strength. It is more important to focus on how the jewelry is being worn. The magnet is stronger the closer to the poles you get and therefor it is important to wear the magnetic jewelry in a snug but comfortable fit. A coat of paint or other material will not influence the strength enough to make the jewelry less efficient.

If the Coat Wears Off
More important than if a coat on a magnet reduces its strength is if this protective layer stays there. Neodymium magnets are known for being sensitive to corrosion and this is important to understand even for magnetic jewelry. If you rub the magnets against your skin a lot the coat might wear off with time and then the magnets can begin to corrode.

There are stronger and more durable types of coats
but not all magnetic jewelry manufacturers work with them. This is something you should check for the specific magnetic piece you are getting. It is also helpful to learn how to clean your magnetic jewelry without damaging the coat of the magnets. As long as the magnets stay intact they will continue to work with the same strength as when you got them, so make sure to avoid corrosion!

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